Egg Donation in Atlanta

We provide a caring, supportive approach to help you take the first steps through the egg donation process. We are a professional egg donor agency with knowledgeable staff and educated, healthy, pre-screened egg donors. Since our beginning Atlanta Egg Donation has been committed to helping prospective parents in realizing their dreams of starting a family.

Becoming a Parent

Whether you are experiencing infertility due to prior illness, chromosomal abnormalities, early menopause, premature ovarian failure, or poor egg quality, hopeful parents are often able to become pregnant by undergoing IVF using eggs donated by a young woman. We are also pleased to help the LGBTQ community with their family-building needs.

At Atlanta Egg Donation, we match outstanding young women who are willing and able to give this life-changing gift with intended parents looking to start a family. Our program includes comprehensive screening, education, and cycle management — all provided with the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality, empathy, and support.

We’re here to support you whether you’re exploring egg donation as a couple or as a prospective single parent.

Becoming a Donor

Choosing to become an egg donor is a amazing opportunity to assist others in fulfilling their dream of building a family. Many individuals and couples cannot become pregnant without the assistance of an egg donor. You may know someone who has struggled with infertility and felt hopeless. There are thousands of people desperately searching for an egg donor like you who will give them hope. Your generous donation of eggs will give someone who is experiencing infertility the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. Giving the gift of life takes a limited amount of your time but will provide the recipients with a lifetime of happiness.

In addition to the personal satisfaction you will get from helping create a family, you will receive compensation for your inconvenience and time. All of your expenses are paid by the recipients, including travel fees if applicable.

Why Intended Parents & Egg Donors choose Atlanta Egg Donation

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